No Any Welding

Our Enamel Lamp Shades are all one-piece formed by spinning without any welding. And there is often a stamping way to make raw lampshade in the market, then by spot welding, and it will be cheaper but with a potential safety hazard.

Expert Enamel Production

Enamel craftsmanship is a very traditional and ancient craft. We want to pass on it and let more people know the craftsmanship. We’re also willing to share more enamel knowledge to you or get great enamel ideas from you.

Bespoke Service Available

We’re willing to know your any creative ideas about Enamel Lamp Shades and related accessories, such as structure size, Enamel color and so on. And we’ll study further together with you, and put them into final mass production.

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Powder-coated Lamp Shades

Invamex Powder Coated Lamp Shades

Customization Service

Invamex Enamel Lamp Shades Customization

Sample Room

Invamex Enamel Lamp Shades Sample Room

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